This application provides suppliers with increased functionality in managing their meter reading requirements. Meter Reading Manager handles functions ranging from collating daily reads and generating consumption records through to monitoring the performance of meter collection agents and related contract assignment.

  • Stores, maintains and monitors reading related information for gas meter points
  • Implemented within the UK utility sector
  • Supports Proteus and Logica (Nexus) format flows for communication with Meter Reading Agents (MRAs)
  • Supports RGMA & UK Link Industry Data Formats relevant to Meter Readings
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with B-Smart Meter Asset Manager (MAM) to provide a single repository for billing
  • Built upon proven B-Smart Flow Engine
  • Manages relationship between Supplier and Meter Reading Agent
  • Allows for easy transfer of both single/multiple portfolio meter points to a MRA
  • Provides support for Must Reads business process
  • Allows for repository of full reading history for use in billing
  • Provides functionality to request and track ad-hoc/special reads
  • Fully configurable meter reading validation
  • Manages large-scale operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine
  • Allows for easy communication with external systems through the use of flexible flow interface structure
  • Repository of information provides agent performance monitoring
  • Provides a single application for management of portfolio of Meter Reading Agents (MRAs)
  • Facilitates the realisation of financial benefit from the appointment of commercial MRAs
  • Optimises process for supplying reads to the billing system
  • Provides management of ad-hoc/special reads
  • Reduces manual intervention during appointment and de-appointment
  • Manages the Must Inspect process, minimising backstop Gas Transporter (GT) reads
  • Provides ability to monitor MRA performance in detail
  • Pre-configured automatic exception handling
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides extensive pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows and business process support, further reducing the cost of ownership

Supplier/MRA Relationship Flows Processed
Supplier/MRA Relationship Flows Processed (PDF Download)

Reading Flows Processed
Reading Flows Processed (PDF Download)

Ad Hoc Read Request Flows Processed
Ad Hoc Read Request Flows Processed (PDF Download)


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