• Maintains full detail of the lifecycle of a job and a history of activities performed at electricity meter points
  • Implemented within the UK utility sector
  • Handles DTC Industry Data Formats
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with B-Smart Electricity Meter Asset Manager (eMAM) and B-Smart Contract Manager (CMA) to provide an integrated view of Job and associated Asset data
  • Furthermore, it can be deployed alongisde B-Smart Gas Job Manager (JM) providing a fully integrated dual fuel solution
  • Built upon proven B-Smart Flow Engine
  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support initiation and tracking of jobs
  • Client configurable job types and associated job characteristics
  • Maintains relationships between parent and subsidiary jobs
  • Automated dispatch and receipt of industry DTC flows
  • Provides comprehensive search facility
  • Contractual validation and automated provision of agent, contract details, SLA date, job pricing etc (subject to license)
  • Flexible structure enables maintenance of static data via on-line facilities without necessitating changes to software program
  • Allows for easy communication with external systems through the use of flexible flow interface structure
  • Manages large-scale operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine
  • Allows for automated cancellation, re-planning and tracking of jobs with Meter Operator via industry and commercial flows
  • Reduces manual effort on job creation by defaulting data based on job type
  • Allows industry and commercial contracts to be monitored effectively
  • Automated processing reduces user industry knowledge requirements
  • Provides context sensitive decision making
  • Improves customer satisfaction by maintaining up-to-date information on work carried out at a customer’s property
  • Pre-configured automatic exception handling
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides extensive pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows and business process support, further reducing the cost of ownership

Flows Processed
Flows Processed (PDF Download)


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