• Maintains asset details
    • Change of Supply on Gain and Loss
    • Appointment/De-appointment of Meter Asset Manager
    • Associated to Asset Works; Installation, Removal, Exchange
    • Quotations on Change of Supply
  • Manages large-scale operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine
  • Stores full details of all Components within a Meter Installation
  • Standard industry wide Product Definitions are used to ensure the validity of information recorded on Meter Components
  • Enables suppliers to be compliant with RGMA and Rainbow processes
  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support industry operations
  • Master repository of accurate asset and agent relationships
    • Reduces inaccuracies and delays in customer billing
    • Improves settlement accuracy and reduces imbalance
    • Supports decision making regarding Asset Management on a commercial basis
  • Supports establishment of commercial relationships with Meter Asset Managers
  • Business process automation reduces staff costs
  • Pre-configured automated exception handling
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides extensive pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows and business process support, further reducing the cost of ownership
  • Improves cost to serve

UK Link Flows Processed
UK Link Flows Processed (PDF Download)

RGMA Flows Processed
RGMA Flows Processed (PDF Download)


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