In today’s fiercely competitive, liberalised energy supply market place, the Customer Transfer process receives prominent industry focus. Significant customer churn rates demand software solutions that provide an efficient, accurate and best practice approach to this business critical activity.

The latest B-Smart application, Supply Point Administration (SPA), is a next generation product built with the benefit of a decade of deregulation experience. B-Smart SPA meets the industry challenges by minimising manual involvement in the registration and withdrawal process and providing sophisticated automated recovery from GT rejections.

Configurable business intelligence allows SPA to pro-actively determine the appropriate actions for the supply point, avoiding GT rejections, reducing manual intervention and so reducing the average time taken to register new customers.

A powerful and user friendly screen environment provides the SPA user with a ‘process-centric’ view of business activities and so presents a common interface for working with either Transco GT sites or independent gas transporter (IGT) sites.

Integration to any supplier front line sales system is inherent in the SPA design eliminating the need to train users in multiple applications. The included ‘Sales and Service’ interface provides direct control over SPA activities giving a user the ability to implement automatic push button registration at the point of sale.

SPA can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as part of a fully integrated B-Smart dual fuel supplier solution covering the management of Dataflow, Meter Assets, Jobs and Third Party Contracts.

This application is designed to assist gas suppliers/shippers in managing the administration of customer switching.

  • Manages large-scale operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine
  • Fully supports Transco and IGT processing associated with customer switching
  • Configurable automatic rejection resolution
  • ‘Sales and Service’ interface to control SPA functions from an external supplier system e.g. CRN
  • Withdrawal objection interface to external supplier systems to automatically object to withdrawal when the supplier system identifies justifiable grounds
  • Automatic tracking of missing flows
  • Extensive reporting; missing flows, SPA process performance, data validation exceptions
  • Supports multiple in-house shippers within one instance of the application and database
  • Greatly reduces user decision interventions
  • Automated IGT registration and withdrawal via the CONNECT protocol
  • Automated Transco GT registration and withdrawal processes
  • Pre-configured automatic exception handling
  • Facilitates a ‘first to quote’ competitive advantage coupled with valuable market intelligence
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides 28 pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows further reducing the cost of ownership

UK Link Flows Processed
UK Link Flows Processed (PDF Download)

CONNECT Flows Processed
CONNECT Flows Processed (PDF Download)


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