Our Post Project Nexus solution.

Our well-established B-Smart AQ module has been significantly re-developed to incorporate changes to industry AQ practices as part of Project Nexus.

Our post Nexus B-Smart AQ is an effective management and auditing tool, capturing and maintaining AQ data in line with Xoserve data formats. It seamlessly integrates with other B-Smart modules, allowing you to maximise the value and reliability of the data, whilst streamlining processes and actions.

  • Maintains a full history of revised AQ and WC details issued by Xoserve
  • Supports the AQ Correction Process
  • Handles Xoserve AQ Industry Data Formats
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone application module or integrated with B-Smart Gas Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and B-Smart Meter Reading Manager (MRM) modules
  • Built upon B-Smart Flow Engine.
  • Records revised AQ and WC details received from Xoserve and maintains a full history
  • Provides a User Interface for viewing AQ history
  • Triggers an AQ Correction request from the B-Smart UI and records the request and response
  • When integrated with B-Smart MRM provides AQ validation for industry meter reading flows to Xoserve
    • Calculates a local AQ from reading history and compares against user defined tolerances
    • Validates reading against Xoserve Energy Tolerance and Market Breaker Tolerances
  • When integrated with B-Smart MAM provides Gain and Loss triggers to synchronise AQ data.
  • Management and visibility of the AQ Correction request process
  • Visibility of full AQ history to user community
  • AQ pre-validation of meter readings reduces the rejections received from Xoserve
  • Pre-configured automatic exception handling
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides extensive pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows and business process support, further reducing the cost of ownership.