Provides functionality to allow a business operating in the deregulated utility industry to track and maintain information relating to their contracts with other market participants.

Allows for maintenance of the following via user friendly interface:

  • Market Participant, Roles and Details
  • Contracts
  • Post Code/Contract Areas
  • Non Working Days
  • Policy Job Automation Requests
  • Allows for modification of contract data by administration users and provide view only access to general users.

Any organisation that needs to process transactions, whether sourced from physical data files, front end screens or 3rd party applications, can utilise the B-Smart Flow Manager to implement transaction processing using configurable rules

  • Ensures that contractual arrangements are kept up to date by maintaining a definitive set of details
  • Controls exactly the geographical area assigned to a third party by defining the contract area down to full postcode level if required
  • Allows for easy communication with external systems through the use of flexible flow interface structure

For users who purchase B-Smart Job Manager (Gas or Electricity) in addition to Contract Manager:

  • Allows for controlling exactly the type of work that can be done under a contract
  • Ensures work requests can only be sent to third parties who have live contracts for the work


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