MISL (Meter Integration Service Layer ) has been developed as a web service and a suite of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) to allow clients to integrate encoding/decoding of meter messages in their own head end applications or as a fully integrated part of the Generis Focus solution.

The application comprises of a SQL Server database and circa 80 callable business functions and supports messages to and from meters and prepayment modules.

The following list explains a typical lifecycle of a simple function call:

1. Message to Meter
  • The calling application invokes a ‘business function’ within the MISL e.g. ScheduleConfig, ReadKWh.
  • MISL translated the business request to a low level message that the meter understands and encrypts the message.
  • The message is returned as an encoded string by MISL to the calling application.
  • The calling application sends the encrypted message as an SMS to the meter
2. Meter Response
  • The calling application awaits a response, either requested data or an acknowledgement.
  • Once the response arrives, this is passed by the calling application to MISL for decoding.
  • MISL decrypts the response and coverts the Information to a ‘business response’ and returns the response to the calling application.
  • MISL will also decode/decrypt any unsolicited messages, e.g Daily Schedule Reads, Tamper alarms and return them to the calling application as a ’business response’.

MISL application flow illustrated:



Summary of Benefits:

  • Allows external head end systems to define and encrypt a message to be sent to an electricity/ Gas meter /IHD
  • Encryption & Decryption ensure that data passed to and received from the meter is secure from outside interference
  • Uses business functions to isolate from meter firmware upgrades
  • Can request data or update values within the meter
  • Sends up to 80 message types to meters
  • Is agnostic to HES type
  • Works with all SMS networks
  • Reduces time and complexity for meter requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your business needs
  • Payment code generation ensures an increased level of security, ensuring the payment is tied to a specific meter
  • Reduce business risk by utilising Generis’ unrivalled expertise in global smart meter hardware & software rollouts.