B-Smart Asset Tracker is invaluable for any company requiring full historical life-time ‘cradle-to-grave’ asset tracking. Customer customisable codes for location, status and transaction type allow for seamless integration into any enterprise architecture.

B-Smart Asset Tracker is normally integrated with B-Smart Meter Asset Manager for gas and/or electricity with Job Manager providing the link between field and resource systems. Beyond the scope of metering requirements, B-Smart Asset Tracker can also be utilised as a tracking and job triggering system for any type of asset where lifetime, maintenance schedule and industry compliance monitoring is of critical importance.

The user interface allows for the quick creation of multiple assets either by ranges of serial numbers or numbers of assets and implements full serial number format checking. Built-in functions allow for the creation of outbound information flows needed to communicate asset changes to other systems e.g. for flagging asset availability to field hand held units to ensure that asset information is only entered once so that accuracy and consistency persists.

  • Maintains data on the complete cycle of gas and electricity meter assets whether installed or in store locations
  • Implemented within the UK utility sector
  • Can be deployed as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with B-Smart Job Manager (JM) and B-Smart Asset Manager (MAM) to provide complete gas/electricity portfolio management solution
  • Built upon proven B-Smart Flow Engine
  • Multiple assets can be added in one simple operation via user friendly interface or through processing of a file
  • Provides full flexibility to increment only designated digits within the serial number during a multiple load
  • Allows for full single/multiple assets can be added to an existing batch
  • Standard Reports are provided covering:
    • Assets Scrapped
    • Store Assets for Recertification
    • Installed Assets for Recertification
    • Store Assets for Scrap
    • Installed Assets for Scrap
  • Integration with B-Smart Meter Asset Manager (Gas and Electricity) ensures that assets are correctly updated following insertion or removal of meters/timing devices

Any organisation that needs to process transactions, whether sourced from physical data files, front end screens or 3rd party applications, can utilise the B-Smart Flow Manager to implement transaction processing using configurable rules

  • Provides facility for tracking an asset’s movement at any point in it’s lifecycle
  • Business process automation reduces staff costs
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership


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