As organisations look to reduce capital and operational expenditure, more and more focus is being put on IT and the supporting infrastructure.

Traditionally, organisations have demanded that all licensed software solutions remain on-premise or in a hosted environment, in a bid to control security and support, therefore limiting cost savings.

Times change, as do technologies and as a result of advancements in this area, the cloud is now a more viable option. This in turn has led to a dramatic shift in demand to operate solutions from the cloud and potential cost savings for the customer.

Generis Technology now offer software solutions in the cloud, either as a cloud provider, or as a fully managed service, depending on your business model. This is particularly beneficial for new entrants to the market, but also for those larger, more established customers looking to lift and shift their existing architecture into the cloud.

Our cloud service is provided by Oracle, who were chosen due to their well-established position in the cloud market and support for the underlying Oracle technologies used throughout our suite of applications.

As we are a partner of Oracle, it also allows us to obtain preferential pricing, which allows us to offer greater value to our customers.

Some of the key benefits of the Oracle cloud include:

  • Instant scalability
  • Reliable, proven architecture
  • Costs kept to a minimum buy reducing license and business as usual (BAU) costs. ‘Pay for what you use’ model to ensure no resources are wasted or being paid for without being utilised
  • Industry leading cloud provider/partner with longstanding relationship
  • High resilience and reliability = no downtime
  • Can operate as an Oracle cloud ‘pay as you grow’ service offering
  • Have short up spin times and low up-front costs