The B-Smart Event Manager application is designed to manage complex and timed end-to-end business processes and is implemented via State Transition modeling. The application comes bundled with B-Smart Supply Point Administration and B-Smart Annual Quantity Manager.

  • Provides a mechanism to conceive any ‘real world’ business process
  • Extensive support for time-based events
  • Provides a mechanism for handling multiple request/response flows
  • Fully integrates with the B-Smart Flow Manager
  • Allows for modelling of complex end-to-end business processes
  • UK specialisation of usage in implementing complex de-regulated flow models
  • Business functionality is tracked against a timeline and numerous decision paths
  • Allows business process interdependencies to be modelled and appropriate actions initiated
  • Business processes to be identified, monitored and tracked via user defined screen queries
  • Tracking of requests and responses
  • Automatic reporting of unprocessed response files
  • Automatic processing of business exceptions
  • All aspects of the business processes to be reported in a configurable manner; individual client or individual user level
  • Reduces cost-to-serve of complex end-to-end processes
  • Flexible approach to business process modelling
  • Automated decision making via business process events provides:
    • Accelerated throughput of the business process timeline
    • Reduced clerical effort & FTE’s
    • Consistent business approach
    • Cost-to-serve
    • Margain of error reduced
  • Facilitates modeling of business processes, without being bound to application software
  • Extensive level of configurability reduces cost of ownership
  • The control and flow of customer and business data is under the management of a cohesive business process


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