Attention to costs is more important than ever when selecting effective software, it’s therefore increasingly important that solutions cover as many business areas as possible.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with GeoPal Solutions we are now able to offer a range of connected Field Service solutions, available in differing ‘flavours’, which all link seamlessly with our dual fuel Job Manager modules thus solving common issues encountered in this area

  • Integration with standard industry data flows
  • Links to business IT Systems
  • Inefficient paper processes
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Management Data
  • Workflow inefficiencies
  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • Proof of Delivery Issues


Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support initiation and tracking of jobs
  • Client configurable job types and associated job characteristics
  • Complete Field Operations Management solution for Smart Meter Deployment
  • Connects field workers with the back office, replacing all paper forms with Mobile Forms
  • Real-time visibility of field operations through executive dashboards, Business Intelligence, and KPI reports
  • Quick Deployment – SaaS
  • Builds on GeoPal’s extensive experience with deployment projects
  • Innovative, e.g. IoT Solutions