• Configurable rules based flow engine
  • Established software implemented by 80% of the UK utility sector
  • Maintained in line with industry requirements for gas and electricity sectors
  • Fully integrates with all B-Smart applications


  • Provides file, group and field level validation
  • Provides automatic retry processing for failed transactions
  • Supports numerous industry data formats
  • Ability to process multiple file formats
  • Flow structures are fully definable
  • Flow processing is defined by business rules
  • Provides user interface to support configuration of business rules available to business users or I.T. based staff
  • Automatic generation of exception reports
  • Automated audit tracking
  • Full checkpoint/restart and multi-streaming capability
  • Leverages a stable, proven and scalable enterprise Oracle technology platform
  • Shields systems from costly upgrades associated with industry changes
  • Ease of adoption of industry changes
  • Rapid implementation via pre-configured market data flow portfolio
  • Improves data quality by utilising rules based exception processing
  • Avoids costs in dealing with customer and third party complaints
  • Automatic retry of transaction processing upon exception resolution reduces maintenance cost and human error
  • Provides business analysts and business users with the ability to define business processes via user interface
  • Extensive level of client configurability reduces cost of ownership
  • Improves cost-to-serve


Serving the needs of the Energy Industry.

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