Following the implementation of Review of Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA), new flows & processes were introduced to allow Suppliers to communicate with different agents within a deregulated Meter Asset Manager (MAM) market. This requires MAMs to provide RGMA specific flows to benefit from the new contract opportunities.

Within the market, all Suppliers implemented RGMA compliant solutions in order to deal with National Grid GT and National Grid regulated MAM. For deregulated MAMs however, communication back to the Supplier can be either on a bi-lateral flow arrangement basis or by RGMA defined flows. B-Smart RGMA MAM solution fully supports both arrangements for Meter Asset Managers.

B-Smart RGMA MAM is a modern, low risk and cost-effective solution, principally for the provision of a RGMA compliant meter asset management system, yet continues to allow for the production of bi-lateral flows where required. B-Smart flow routing and market messaging capabilities provide significant added value to start up operations.

The B-Smart configuration of applications is a proven, industry robust solution in terms of best practice, processes and flows, performance, scalability and operational fit.

Meter Asset Manager

  • Validates, stores and maintains master asset information for gas meter points
  • Implemented within the UK utility sector
  • Enables participant to be compliant with RGMA process
  • Additional business process support for asset related data flows
  • Single instance for multi-agent support
  • Built upon proven B-Smart Flow Engine

Job Manager

  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support initiation and tracking of jobs
  • Client configurable for job types and associated job characteristics
  • Automated dispatch and receipt of industry RGMA flows
  • Contractual validation and automated provision of agent, contract details, SLA date, job pricing etc (subject to license)
  • Flexible structure enables maintenance of static data via online facilities without necessitating changes to software program
  • Manages large operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine

Contract Manager

  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support initiation and tracking of jobs
  • Market participant and role agreements with start and end dates
  • Allows for the modification of contract data by administration users
  • Provides view only access of contract data to general users
  • Job types configurable by locale
  • Provides a comprehensive user interface for contract maintenance
  • Integration with B-Smart JM (Gas and Electricity) applications ensures job validity and contractual adherence (subject to license)
  • Allows for easy communication with external ystems through the use of flexible flow interface structure
  • Manages large-scale operations by utilising the market established B-Smart Flow Manager transaction engine
  • Allows industry and commercial contracts to be monitored effectively

Asset Tracker

  • Provides a comprehensive user interface to support initiation and tracking of jobs
  • Allows for creation and maintenance of asset details via user interface or through processing of a file
  • Allows for bulk insertion of assets utilising serial number ranges or number of assets
  • Provides client configurable location and status codes for alignment with client requirements and existing standing data
  • Provides reporting mechanism; assets scrapped, assets for recertification etc
  • Ensures that assets are correctly updated following insertion or removal of meters/timing devices
  • Provides enhanced search facilities including current location and status
  • Master repository of accurate assets, jobs and agent relationships
  • Enables & integrates with enterprise asset management, whilst coping with the industry
  • Reduces manual effort on user input with auto-population of data based on job type
  • Automated processing reduces user industry knowledge requirements
  • Pre-configured automated exception handling
  • Added value via B-Smart Market Messenger
  • Business process automation reduces staff costs
  • Supports establishment of commercial relationships with suppliers
  • Ensures industry compliance
  • Allows for bi-lateral flow arrangements
  • Configurability provides a flexible application that accommodates change whilst reducing the cost of ownership
  • Provides extensive pre-configured and Generis maintained industry flows and business process support, further reducing cost of ownership


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