Successful management of the xoserve annual AQ review process is a key objective of a gas shipper business.

Shippers should endeavour to provide xoserve with the most up-to-date AQ values given their latest reading information and resolve erroneous AQ values before they become effective. Failure to identify, prioritise and process these cases within the industry timescales can lead to unrecoverable costs being incurred that can severely impact profitability.

Generis provide an Annual Quantity Manager (AQM) solution that provides features that target key aspects of the annual process including business process automation, local AQ and WC calculation, rule based tolerance checking and gas portfolio segmentation. These features combine to give automatic calculation, checking and challenging of AQ (and WC) values for the vast majority of cases. Users can then focus on AQ values outside of tolerances or cases where an AQ value cannot be calculated.

Generis AQM also provides year round management of AQ values by monitoring the effect of new readings on AQ movements allowing proactive detection of erroneous readings and also periodic portfolio reviews to detect candidates for appeal. These two powerful features help to minimise the activity in the subsequent review. This proactive approach to AQ management means that success can be measured in terms of the reductions in subsequent review activity.

IGT meter points are a growing part of all energy suppliers’ gas portfolios. AQM provides a consistent, effective and automated process to deal with IGT amendments and appeals ensuring that no part of the portfolio remains unreviewed.