Generis Technology Ltd and British Gas successfully implement Customer Transfer Programme solution.

One of the highest profile issues in the UK Energy Retail Market has been the negative customer experience associated with switching energy supplier. In order to pro-actively address the recognised problems in this area and assuage the concerns of consumer groups and OFGEM, the UK Energy Suppliers formed the Customer Transfer Programme (CTP). The principle objectives of the CTP were twofold:

  • Identify and develop solutions to priority root causes of customer switch issues.
  • Fast-track the implementation of said solutions as appropriate

As the largest UK Energy Supplier and a major sponsor of the CTP, British Gas was committed to meeting the challenging objectives set by the CTP.

In addition to requiring the adoption of new/revised business processes the proposed CTP solutions, potentially required British Gas to change 7 major and 5 medium sized applications, including 2 major billing systems that were coming to the end of their life. The Generis B-Smart CTP Product Solution alleviated the need for ‘legacy system’ changes, utilising as it did the flexible capability provided by the B-Smart Flow Manager Application.

Generis actively monitored the progress and outputs from the Customer Transfer Programme, recognising the challenges that clients would face as a result of the level of change and aggressive timescales of the CTP.

The flexibility of the B-Smart architecture enabled Generis to enhance the B-Smart product suite for both Gas and Electricity, providing B-Smart clients with a set of core functions in relation to CTP that could form a major part in their CTP solution. The B-Smart solution allows clients not only to comply with CTP mandated processes, but also leverage the benefits associated with the CTP changes, ultimately improving the customer experience and the efficiency of the transfer process delivering reductions in cost.

The design and development of these new system components through to successful implementation in line with the industry CTP go live date in February 2006 has been an outstanding achievement underlining the overall robustness and flexibility of the B-Smart Application suite. Working with British Gas, Generis Technology has again demonstrated the ability to deliver complex product solutions on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

British Gas Senior Project Manager CTP, Alan Keegan remarked:

‘The desire to see CTP deliver is truly inspiring, it has taken the effort and will of all those involved to want to make this happen. Generis has contributed greatly to the success of the British Gas CTP project demonstrating great tenacity, professionalism and industry expertise in the process.’

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