B-Smart Market Domain Data Patches for 2020.

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Document Name Release Date Change Description
mdd_20_x15 08-JUL-20 Amend Company name ‘Go Effortless Ltd’ to ‘Whoop Energy Ltd’
mdd_20_x14 08-JUL-20 Amend Company name ‘KAL-Energy Limited’ to ‘YU Energy Holding Limited’
mdd_20_x13 08-JUL-20 Amend Company name ‘ Solarplicity Utilities Limited’ to ‘Stratford Place Utilities Limited’
mdd_20_x12 08-JUL-20 Amend Company name ‘SOLARPLICITY RAC MAP LIMITED’ to ‘Dual Meters Systems Limited’
mdd_20_x11 08-JUL-20 Remove Company ‘Newport Energy Ltd’
mdd_20_x10 08-JUL-20 New MAP ‘Omni Assets Ltd’
mdd_20_x09 08-JUL-20 New MAP ‘Magnum Meter Finance Limited’
mdd_20_x08 08-JUL-20 New MAM ‘IMServ Europe Limited’
mdd_20_x07 11-JUN-20 Amend company name ‘Total Energy Gas Supply Ltd’ to ‘CNG Energy Ltd’
mdd_20_x06 11-JUN-20 Update ‘Bulb Energy Ltd’ to a shipper.
mdd_20_x05 11-JUN-20 New supplier ‘OSSO Gas Limited’
mdd_20_x04 11-JUN-20 New shipper ‘SOCAT Trading SA’
mdd_20_031 03-JUN-20 Add meter ‘MTF400LD’
mdd_20_030 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_029 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_028 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_027 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_026 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_025 N/A Placeholder
mdd_20_x03  07-MAY-20 Update ‘British Gas Supply X Ltd’ to a shipper
mdd_20_x02  07-MAY-20 Add ‘Shell Energy Supply UK Ltd’ as a supplier
mdd_20_x01  07-MAY-20 Add ‘Euston Energy Ltd’ as a supplier
mdd_20_024 03-MAR-20 Amend ‘Foresight Metering & Management Ltd’to ‘Horizon Energy Infrastructure Ltd’
mdd_20_023 03-MAR-20 Add ‘Contract Natural Gas 2 Limited’ as a SHIP
mdd_20_022 03-MAR-20 Amend ‘EDF Energy Customers’ to a MAM
mdd_20_021 03-MAR-20 Add Meter Models ‘EL90.01’, ‘EL90.1’, ‘EL91’, ‘EL910’, ‘EL9100’, ‘EL90.01C’, ‘EL90.1C’, ‘EL91C’, ‘EL910C’, ‘EL9100C’, ‘ELP90.01’, ‘ELP90.1’, ‘ELP91’, ‘ELP910’, ‘ELP9100’
mdd_20_020_reworked 09-MAR-20 Error in script corrected.
mdd_20_019 03-MAR-20 Delete ‘Countrywide Energy’ as a SUP
mdd_20_018 03-MAR-20 Deferred
mdd_20_017 03-MAR-20 Delete ‘Meter Plus Ltd’ as a MAP
mdd_20_016 03-MAR-20 Deferred
mdd_20_015 03-MAR-20 Add ‘Pavilion Energy Spain SAU’ as a SHIP
mdd_20_014 03-MAR-20 Amend ‘Tillicum Energy Limited’ to British Gas x Limited
mdd_20_013 03-MAR-20 Delete ‘Crown Gas and Power Ltd’ as a SHIP
mdd_20_012 03-MAR-20 Add ‘Keep Energy Limited’ as a SUP
mdd_20_011_updated 11_MAR-20 Script update to apply ‘European Energy Pooling BVBA’ as participant name.
mdd_20_011 03-MAR-20 Add ‘European Energy Pooling BVBA’ as a SHIP
mdd_20_010 03-MAR-20 Add ‘British Gas Trading Limited’ as a SUP
mdd_20_009 03-MAR-20 Deferred
mdd_20_008 03-MAR-20 Amend ‘Macquarie Leasing Ltd’ to Macquarie Meters 3 Limited
mdd_20_007 03-MAR-20 Add ‘Leep Gas Networks Ltd’ as a MAP
mdd_20_006 03-MAR-20 Delete ‘United Utilities’ as a MAP
mdd_20_005  28-JAN-20  Amend ‘Calvin Asset Management Ltd’ as a MAM
mdd_20_004 28-JAN-20 Amend ‘Commercial Gas Solutions Ltd’ to a MAM
mdd_20_003_correction 28-JAN-20 Amendments to original release to amend Chevron to Ithaca
mdd_20_003 28-JAN-20 Amend ‘Chevron North Sea Gas Limited’ to ‘Ithaca Oil and Gas Limited’
mdd_20_002 28-JAN-20 Amend ‘Corona Energy Retail 1 Limited’ to a SHIP
mdd_20_001_correction 28-JAN-20 Amendments to original release for Squire Energy Changes
mdd_20_001 28-JAN-20 Amend ‘Squire Energy Limited’ to a MAM and MAP