B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2017.

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Document Name
SPAA Release Date
Change Description
mdd_17_101.zip 05-DEC-17 Add EDD – Eddington Energy Supply Limited as a SUP
mdd_17_100.zip 05-DEC-17 Add E.ON Energy Solutions Limited as a SUP
mdd_17_099.zip 05-DEC-17 Delete GS-60 and GS-60A Meter
mdd_17_098.zip 05-DEC-17 Add SPL as a MAP
mdd_17_097.zip 05-DEC-17 Add XMP as a MAP
mdd_17_096.zip 05-DEC-17 Add GS-60 A/B Meter
mdd_17_095.zip 31-OCT-17 Add Magnum Metering Assets Ltd as MAP
mdd_17_094.zip 31-OCT-17 Add ORB as SUP
mdd_17_093.zip 31-OCT-17 Add SAR as MAP
mdd_17_092.zip 31-OCT-17 Add SLR as MAM
mdd_17_091.zip 31-OCT-17 Delete GWY as SHIP
mdd_17_090.zip 31-OCT-17 Add IMIEL Converter
mdd_17_089.zip 31-OCT-17 Change name of OEL to AEL as SUP
mdd_17_088.zip 31-OCT-17 Change name of HDL to TEL as SUP
mdd_17_087.zip 03-OCT-17 Add PCC Meter
mdd_17_086.zip N/A Deferred
mdd_17_085.zip N/A Deferred
mdd_17_084.zip 03-OCT-17 Add 8 SCK FLOW X/S Converters
mdd_17_083.zip 03-OCT-17 Add 8 SCK FLOW X/P2 Converters
mdd_17_082.zip 03-OCT-17 Add 8 SCK FLOW X/P1 Converters
mdd_17_081.zip N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_080.zip N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_079.zip N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_078.zip N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_077.zip 03-OCT-17 Add 2 DR Micro 197 Converters
mdd_17_076.zip 03-OCT-17 Add GAP as a SUP
mdd_17_075.zip 03-OCT-17 Add DGP as a SUP
mdd_17_074.zip 03-OCT-17 Add SUF as a MAP
mdd_17_073.zip 30-AUG-17 Add Elster FC200 Converter
mdd_17_072.zip 30-AUG-17 Add 2 ELM Meters
mdd_17_071.zip 30-AUG-17 Add SIC MUZ02500SE Meter
mdd_17_070 N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_069.zip 01-AUG-17 Add ELM BK4GM meter
mdd_17_068.zip 01-AUG-17 Add PEC as a SHIP
mdd_17_067.zip 01-AUG-17 Add PES as a SUP
mdd_17_066.zip 01-AUG-17 Add LUM as a SUP
mdd_17_065.zip 01-AUG-17 Add DSY as a SUP
mdd_17_064.zip 01-AUG-17 Add ECG as a SHIP
mdd_17_063.zip 01-AUG-17 Add TTS as a SHIP
mdd_17_062.zip 01-AUG-17 Add IGL as a SUP
mdd_17_061.zip 01-AUG-17 Add EVS as a MAM
mdd_17_060.zip 01-AUG-17 Add GW 2UG G4 SEI S2 meter
mdd_17_059.zip 4-JULY-17 Add FES as a MAM
mdd_17_058.zip 4-JULY-17 Add MFG as a MAP
mdd_17_057.zip 4-JULY-17 Add MAT as a SUP
mdd_17_056.zip  4-JULY-17  Add EBE as a SUP
mdd_17_055.zip  4-JULY-17  Change name of UTF as a MAP
mdd_17_054.zip  4-JULY-17  Change name of BOR as a SUP
mdd_17_053.zip 4-JULY-17 Add HDL as a SUP
mdd_17_052.zip 4-JULY-17 Add ELM BK-G4E meter
mdd_17_051 N/A Withdrawn
mdd_17_050.zip 31-MAY-17 Add PUR as a SHIP
mdd_17_049.zip 31-MAY-17 Delete BTG as a SHIP
mdd_17_048.zip 31-MAY-17 Delete MGM as a MAM
mdd_17_047.zip 31-MAY-17 Add PSS as a SUP
mdd_17_046.zip 31-MAY-17 Change name of TUP as a SIP
mdd_17_045.zip 31-MAY-17 Add BPO as a SIP
mdd_17_044.zip 16-MAY-17 Add COO as a SIP
mdd_17_043.zip 31-MAY-17 Add SNO as a SIP
mdd_17_042.zip 31-MAY-17 Add SEI as a SHIP
mdd_17_041 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_040 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_039.zip 05-MAY-17 Change name of GUO as an SMO
mdd_17_038.zip 05-MAY-17 Change name of GOS as an ASP
mdd_17_037.zip 05-MAY-17 Change name of PGM as MAM and MAP
mdd_17_036.zip 05-MAY-17 Change name of 9G4 as an ASP
mdd_17_035.zip 05-MAY-17 Add MUT as a MAM
mdd_17_034.zip 05-MAY-17 Add BUN as a SUP
mdd_17_033.zip 05-MAY-17 Delete BGN as a SHIP
mdd_17_032.zip 04-APR-17 Amend FPL from GT/MAP to GT/MAP/MAM
mdd_17_031.zip 04-APR-17 Add 6 VMT meters
mdd_17_030.zip 04-APR-17 Add AVA as a SHIP and SUP
mdd_17_029.zip 04-APR-17 Add ANT as a SUP
mdd_17_028.zip 04-APR-17 Delete SEM as a SHIP
mdd_17_027.zip 04-APR-17 Add EEM as a SHIP
mdd_17_026.zip 04-APR-17 Amend name for PFP as SHIP and SUP
mdd_17_025.zip 04-APR-17 Add FGBB02 S2 ITR Meter
mdd_17_024.zip 09-MAR-17 Add BRK as a SHIP
mdd_17_023.zip 09-MAR-17 Add 2 S2 Meters (LPG & ELM)
mdd_17_022.zip 09-MAR-17 Change EES from SHIP to SHIP & SUP
mdd_17_021.zip 09-MAR-17 Add TUP as a SUP
mdd_17_020.zip 09-MAR-17 Add YGP as a SUP
mdd_17_019.zip 09-MAR-17 Amend name of AZA as a SUP
mdd_17_018.zip 09-MAR-17 Amend name of HBL as a SUP
mdd_17_017.zip 09-MAR-17 Amend name of REW as a SHIP
mdd_17_016.zip 09-FEB-17 Amend name of DNG as SUP and SHIP
mdd_17_015.zip 09-FEB-17 Add MSI as a Manufacturer
mdd_17_014.zip 09-FEB-17 Add 7 MSI Meters
mdd_17_013.zip N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_012.zip 09-FEB-17 Add AUA as a SHIP
mdd_17_011.zip 09-FEB-17 Add AOT as a SHIP
mdd_17_010.zip 09-FEB-17 Add GW UG G4 SEI Meter
mdd_17_009.zip 09-FEB-17 Delete GES as a MAM
mdd_17_008 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_007.zip 09-FEB-17 Add CPC as a SHIP
mdd_17_006 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_005 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_004.zip 09-FEB-17 Add MEO as a MAM
mdd_17_003 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_002 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_17_001 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_128.zip 10-JAN-17 Add MGM as a MAM
mdd_16_127.zip 10-JAN-17 Delete 15 INS Converters
mdd_16_126.zip 10-JAN-17 Add 15 DR Converters
mdd_16_125.zip 10-JAN-17 Devele SVD as a SHIP
mdd_16_124.zip 10-JAN-17 Add ELC as a SHIP
mdd_16_123.zip 10-JAN-17 Add AIL as a MAM
mdd_16_122.zip 10-JAN-17 Delete SOV as a SUP
mdd_16_121.zip 10-JAN-17 Add ONE as a SUP
mdd_16_120 N/A Deferred by SPAA