B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2016.

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Document Name SPAA Release Date Change Description
mdd_16_119.zip 08-DEC-16 Add TMA as an ASP
mdd_16_118.zip 08-DEC-16 Add SIS as an ASP
mdd_16_117.zip 08-DEC-16 Add SDM as an ASP
mdd_16_116.zip 08-DEC-16 Add GOS as an ASP
mdd_16_115.zip 08-DEC-16 Add EMT as an ASP
mdd_16_114.zip 08-DEC-16 Add CUS as an ASP (CUST)
mdd_16_113.zip 08-DEC-16 Add TNL as an ASP
mdd_16_112.zip 08-DEC-16 Add SMY as an ASP
mdd_16_111.zip 08-DEC-16 Add SIM as an ASP
mdd_16_110.zip 08-DEC-16 Add NTG as an ASP
mdd_16_109.zip 08-DEC-16 Add ESM as an ASP
mdd_16_108.zip 08-DEC-16 Add EGT as an ASP
mdd_16_107.zip 08-DEC-16 Add 9EN as an ASP
mdd_16_106.zip 08-DEC-16 Add VMM as a MAP
mdd_16_105.zip 08-DEC-16 Add 2 EDM S2 meters
mdd_16_104.zip 08-DEC-16 Add FOR as a MAP
mdd_16_103.zip 08-DEC-16 Add VAM as a MAP
mdd_16_102 N/A Duplicatation of 16/101
mdd_16_101.zip 08-DEC-16 Add EDM MUE6 meter
mdd_16_100.zip 08-DEC-16 Add SCM EG4V11 meter
mdd_16_099.zip 10-NOV-16 Change name of SOG (BEAC)
mdd_16_098.zip 10-NOV-16 Delete XGM as a supplier
mdd_16_097.zip 10-NOV-16 Add 9MS as an ASP
mdd_16_096 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_095 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_094 N/A Withdrawn
mdd_16_093.zip 10-NOV-16 Add MUA as a shipper
mdd_16_092.zip 10-NOV-16 Add TOE as a supplier
mdd_16_091.zip 10-NOV-16 Change name of GNL as a supplier
mdd_16_090.zip 10-NOV-16 Change NGR from MAM to MAM & MAP
mdd_16_089.zip 10-NOV-16 Change name of BNG as a supplier
mdd_16_088.zip 10-NOV-16 Add BUL as a supplier
mdd_16_087.zip 10-NOV-16 Add OEL as a supplier
mdd_16_086.zip 10-NOV-16 Add GAL as a supplier
mdd_16_085.zip 10-NOV-16 Add GOL as a supplier
mdd_16_084.zip 10-NOV-16 Add NEL as a supplier
mdd_16_083.zip 10-NOV-16 Add BOR as a supplier
mdd_16_082.zip 10-NOV-16 Add AZA as a supplier
mdd_16_081.zip 10-NOV-16 Add EGE as a shipper
mdd_16_080.zip 10-NOV-16 Add DLE as a supplier
mdd_16_079.zip 10-NOV-16 Delete ETM as a shipper
mdd_16_078.zip 06-OCT-16 Change name of VESL as a supplier
mdd_16_077.zip 06-OCT-16 Add RWT as a supplier
mdd_16_076 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_075.zip 06-OCT-16 Add MRB as a shipper
mdd_16_074.zip 06-OCT-16 Add ELM RABOG40 meter
mdd_16_073 N/A Deferred by SPAA
mdd_16_072 N/A Deferred by SPAA
mdd_16_071.zip 06-OCT-16 Add ITR RF1SVZB S1 meter
mdd_16_070.zip 06-OCT-16 Change name of VLN as a supplier
mdd_16_069.zip 06-OCT-16 Add FDY as a supplier
mdd_16_068.zip 06-OCT-16 Delete EDT as a shipper
mdd_16_067.zip 06-OCT-16 Add FOX as a supplier
mdd_16_066.zip 06-OCT-16 Add BEU as a supplier
mdd_16_065.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add SAN as a supplier
mdd_16_064.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add PIO as a supplier
mdd_16_063.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add NSS as a supplier
mdd_16_062.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add CEM as a supplier
mdd_16_061.zip 09-SEP-2016 Change name of HEP
mdd_16_060 09-SEP-2016 Duplicate of MDD 16/050
mdd_16_059.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add GES as a MAM
mdd_16_058.zip 09-SEP-2016 Delete ESY as a supplier
mdd_16_057.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add CMI as a shipper
mdd_16_056.zip 09-SEP-2016 Delete AEN as a supplier
mdd_16_055.zip 09-SEP-2016 Amend CGP from SHIP/SUP to SUP
mdd_16_054.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add PZT as a supplier
mdd_16_053.zip 09-SEP-2016 Add BRO as a supplier
mdd_16_052 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_051.zip 11-AUG-16 Add ACV as a MAM
mdd_16_050.zip 11-AUG-16 Add GRE as a shipper
mdd_16_049.zip 11-AUG-16 Add XCL as a supplier
mdd_16_048.zip 11-AUG-16 Add PIL as a supplier
mdd_16_047.zip 11-AUG-16 Amend REW from SHIP/SUP to SHIP
mdd_16_046.zip 11-AUG-16 Add IAZ as a supplier
mdd_16_045.zip 11-AUG-16 Add EAP as a GT
mdd_16_044.zip 11-AUG-16 Delete PHL as a shipper
mdd_16_043.zip 11-AUG-16 Add NGR as a MAM
mdd_16_042.zip 11-AUG-16 Delete DBA as a shipper
mdd_16_041.zip 07-JUL-16 Add 11 SCK meters
mdd_16_040.zip 07-JUL-16 Add 12 SCK meters
mdd_16_039.zip 07-JUL-16 Delete ELF as a shipper
mdd_16_038.zip 07-JUL-16 Add GEU as a supplier
mdd_16_037.zip 07-JUL-16 Change name of BTG as a shipper
mdd_16_036.zip 07-JUL-16 Add EUB as a supplier
mdd_16_035.zip 10-JUN-16 Add AIU OKO I505 NS meter
mdd_16_034.zip 10-JUN-16 Add SIC Flowsic600 meter
mdd_16_033.zip 10-JUN-16 Add GNE as a supplier
mdd_16_032.zip 10-JUN-16 Add SSL as a MAP
mdd_16_031 N/A Withdrawn
mdd_16_030.zip 13-MAY-16 Delete MTX as a MAM and MAP
mdd_16_029.zip 13-MAY-16 Add MCL as a MAP
mdd_16_028.zip 13-MAY-16 Add MLI as a shipper
mdd_16_027.zip 13-MAY-16 Add ENQ as a supplier
mdd_16_026.zip 13-MAY-16 Add EEP as a shipper
mdd_16_025.zip 13-MAY-16 Add PGN as a shipper
mdd_16_024.zip 13-MAY-16 Add ASM as a MAP
mdd_16_023.zip 13-MAY-16 Amend HUD to a shipper and supplier
mdd_16_022 N/A Withdrawn
mdd_16_021.zip 13-MAY-16 Amend name of AMB as a supplier
spaa_15_319.zip 26-FEB-16 Remove DM and FA Asset Status Codes
mdd_16_020.zip 11-APR-16 Add PLD as a Supplier
mdd_16_019.zip 11-APR-16 Add AIU OKO I505 meter
mdd_16_018.zip 11-APR-16 Add manufacturer AIU
mdd_16_017.zip 11-APR-16 Delete SVL as a Supplier
mdd_16_016.zip 11-APR-16 Delete SVE as a Shipper
mdd_16_015.zip 11-APR-16 Amend name of SMP as a MAP
mdd_16_014 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_16_013.zip 11-APR-16 Add manufacturer SICK
mdd_16_012.zip 10-MAR-16 Amend name of VES as a Supplier
mdd_16_011.zip 10-MAR-16 Amend name of VOL (GAZF) as Shipper
mdd_16_010.zip 10-MAR-16 Amend name of EON as Shipper
mdd_16_009.zip 10-MAR-16 Add MOR as a MAM
mdd_16_008.zip 10-MAR-16 Add MFU as a MAP
mdd_16_007.zip 11-FEB-16 Add VMT as a manufacturer
mdd_16_006.zip 11-FEB-16 Add 23 VMT meters
mdd_16_005.zip 11-FEB-16 Add 6 VMT converters
mdd_16_004.zip 11-FEB-16 Add UGP as a supplier
mdd_16_003.zip 11-FEB-16 Add BZE as a supplier
mdd_16_002.zip 11-FEB-16 Add AFG as a supplier
mdd_16_001.zip 11-FEB-16 Add ESY as a supplier
mdd_15_070.zip 12-JAN-16 Amend LCE to Shipper and Supplier
mdd_15_069.zip 12-JAN-16 Add RCK T8 Meter