B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2015.

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Document Name SPAA Release Date Change Description
mdd_15_068.zip 10-DEC-15 Amend name of SBR as a Supplier
mdd_15_067 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_066 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_065 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_064 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_062 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_061 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_060 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_059.zip 10-DEC-15 Add MFD as a MAP
mdd_15_058.zip 10-DEC-15 Add CGP as a Shipper and Supplier
mdd_15_057.zip 10-DEC-15 Add FLN Meter
mdd_15_056 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_055 N/A Withdrawn by SPAA
mdd_15_054.zip 10-DEC-15 Add OUP as a Supplier
mdd_15_053.zip 10-DEC-15 Add MGC as a MAP
mdd_15_052.zip 10-DEC-15 Add AMB as a Supplier
mdd_15_051.zip 10-DEC-15 Add MFS as a MAP
spaa_15_309.zip 05-NOV-15 Correction to 17 ELM meter products
mdd_15_050.zip 05-NOV-15 Add UNP as a shipper
mdd_15_049.zip 05-NOV-15 Amend name of EGS as a MAM and add as a MAP also
mdd_15_048.zip 05-NOV-15 Add 9ES as an ASP
mdd_15_047.zip 05-NOV-15 Add LCE as a supplier
mdd_15_046.zip 05-NOV-15 Add TRM as a supplier
mdd_15_045.zip 05-NOV-15 Change BRI to BNT as a supplier
mdd_15_044.zip 05-NOV-15 Add OCT as a supplier
mdd_15_040.zip 05-NOV-15 Amend the name for MTX  as MAM and MAP
mdd_15_043.zip 08-OCT-15 Add RIA as a supplier
mdd_15_042.zip 08-OCT-15 Add ETI as a supplier
mdd_15_041.zip 08-OCT-15 Add MER as a supplier and shipper
mdd_15_039.zip 08-OCT-15 Add AVR as a supplier
mdd_15_038.zip 08-OCT-15 Add OPA as a supplier
mdd_15_037.zip 08-OCT-15 Delete NGD as a supplier
mdd_15_036.zip 08-OCT-15 Add MRB as a supplier
mdd_15_035.zip 11-SEP-15 Add HBL as a supplier
mdd_15_034.zip 11-SEP-15 Add STL as a supplier
mdd_15_033.zip 11-SEP-15 Add STL as a shipper
mdd_15_032.zip 11-SEP-15 Add BRI as a supplier
mdd_15_031.zip 11-SEP-15 Add TRJ as a MAM
mdd_15_030.zip 11-SEP-15 Add 3 UWL Converters
mdd_15_029.zip 11-SEP-15 Add UKM as a MAP
mdd_15_028.zip 11-SEP-15 Add 20 GFO meters
mdd_15_027.zip 11-SEP-15 Add manufacturer GFO
mdd_15_026.zip 11-SEP-15 Delete EMS as a MAM
mdd_15_025.zip 11-SEP-15 Add PRO as a MAM
mdd_15_024.zip 11-SEP-15 Add INE as a shipper
mdd_15_023.zip 11-SEP-15 Add 9ST, 9TM and 9TA as ASPs
mdd_15_022.zip 11-SEP-15 Add 12 shippers and 1 SMO
mdd_15_021.zip 06-AUG-15 Amend the name of ECA as MAM and MAP
mdd_15_020.zip 06-AUG-15 Add PFP as a supplier
mdd_15_019.zip 06-AUG-15 Add 5 Suppliers (FGB,IRE,COU,BNG and HBE)
mdd_15_018.zip 09-JUL-15 Amend E6VG470 LPG meter details
mdd_15_017 09-JUL-15 Not applicable to B-Smart
mdd_15_016 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_15_015 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_15_014.zip 09-JUL-15 Add NGN as a PGT
mdd_15_013.zip 12-JUN-15 Amend name of PFP as a shipper
mdd_15_012.zip 12-JUN-15 Add SCK as a manufacturer
mdd_15_011.zip 12-JUN-15 Add FES as a supplier
mdd_15_010.zip 08-MAY-15 Add RBH as a supplier
mdd_15_009.zip 08-MAY-15 Add CRD as a supplier
mdd_15_008 N/A Rejected by SPAA
mdd_15_007.zip 08-MAY-15 Add EUK as a supplier
mdd_15_006.zip 08-MAY-15 Add E6VG470 S1 merter for L+G
mdd_15_005.zip 13-APR-15 Add 3 shipper market participants
mdd_15_004.zip 13-APR-15 Add 9 ASP market participants
mdd_15_003.zip 13-APR-15 Add RF1SVZB meter for ITR
mdd_15_002.zip 13-APR-15 Remove RF1sVZB meter
mdd_15_001 13-APR-15 Not required – MUE6 meter already present in B-Smart
mdd 14_506 05-FEB-15 Not required – duplicate EPS not present in B-Smart
mdd_14_505.zip 05-FEB-15 Amend short code for SUN as GT
mdd_14_504.zip 13-JAN-15 Add MMIEL910 converter for UWL
mdd_14_503.zip 13-JAN-15 Add RF1sVZB meter for ITR
mdd_14_502.zip 13-JAN-15 Add MUE6 meter for EDM
mdd_14_501.zip 13-JAN-15 Add GBE as a supplier
mdd_14_500.zip 13-JAN-15 Amend short code of SCN as GT