B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2013.

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Document Name SPAA Release Date Change Description
mdd_13_391.zip 29-NOV-13 Add 9 meters for manufacturer FMG
mdd_13_390.zip 29-NOV-13 Add 9 meters for manufacturer FMG
mdd_13_389.zip 29-NOV-13 Add 7 meters for manufacturer FMG
mdd_13_388.zip 29-NOV-13 Delete PGL as a shipper
mdd_13_387.zip 29-NOV-13 Add UPB as a shipper
mdd_13_386.zip 29-NOV-13 Add SSU as a MAM
mdd_13_385.zip 29-NOV-13 Amend name for OBR as supplier
mdd_13_384.zip 29-NOV-13 Amend name for CTO as supplier
mdd_13_383.zip 29-NOV-13 Add OPU as a shipper
mdd_13_382.zip 29-NOV-13 Delete EU6VAMR meter for manufacturer PRI
mdd_13_381.zip 29-NOV-13 Add EUG4V10 meter for manufacturer SEC
mdd_13_380.zip 29-NOV-13 Delete EUG4V10 meter for manufacturer PRI
mdd_13_379.zip 29-NOV-13 Add SEC as manufacturer
BSC_CP1390.zip 13-NOV-13 Add MDD entity for SMETS Version
SPAA_13_256.zip 12-NOV-13 Add GHL as a supplier
SPAA_13_238.zip 23-MAY-13 Add Registration Body GSREG
mdd_13_378.zip 01-NOV-13 Add 3 UWL converters
mdd_13_377.zip 01-NOV-13 Add 4 FLN meters
mdd 13/376 01-NOV-13 Not required – correction to 13/366
mdd_13_375.zip 01-NOV-13 Add IGA meter with correct multiplication factor
mdd_13_374.zip 01-NOV-13 Delete IGA meter with wrong multiplication factor
mdd_13_373.zip 01-NOV-13 Add 7 meters for manufactuer ELM
mdd_13_372.zip 01-NOV-13 Delete 7 meters with wrong manufacturer code ELS
mdd_13_371.zip 01-NOV-13 Add ELM as manufacturer instead of ELS
mdd_13_370.zip 04-OCT-13 Add BGL and GUO as SMOs
mdd_13_369.zip 04-OCT-13 Add HPE, BRG and CGI as SMOs
mdd_13_368.zip 04-OCT-13 Add SMU as SMO
mdd_13_367.zip 04-OCT-13 Add UNIFLO1200 converter for FLN
mdd_13_366 04-OCT-13 SPAA changes invalid
mdd_13_365.zip 04-OCT-13 Add UNIFLOG4SR meter for FLN
mdd_13_364.zip 04-OCT-13 Add FMG as Manufacturer
mdd_13_363.zip 04-OCT-13 Amend name for UEL as SUP
mdd_13_362 04-OCT-13 B-Smart script not required
mdd_13_361 04-OCT-13 B-Smart script not required
mdd_13_360.zip 04-OCT-13 Add CPE as SHIP
spaa_13_235.zip 01-OCT-13 Add SMO as Role Code.
mdd_13_359.zip 30-AUG-13 Add PAL as SHIP
mdd_13_358.zip 30-AUG-13 Add YGS as SUP
mdd_13_357.zip 30-AUG-13 Add XGM as SUP
mdd_13_356.zip 30-AUG-13 Add TEN as SUP
mdd_13_355.zip 30-AUG-13 Amend name of STT as SUP
mdd_13_354.zip 30-AUG-13 Add STH as SUP
mdd_13_353.zip 30-AUG-13 Add SMN as SUP
mdd_13_352.zip 30-AUG-13 Add SGD as SUP
mdd_13_351.zip 30-AUG-13 Add SCT as SUP
mdd_13_350.zip 30-AUG-13 Add SBR as SUP
mdd_13_349.zip 30-AUG-13 Add RGN as SUP
mdd_13_348.zip 30-AUG-13 Add NRZ as SUP
mdd_13_347.zip 30-AUG-13 Add NPC as SUP
mdd_13_346.zip 30-AUG-13 Add LED as SUP
mdd_13_345.zip 30-AUG-13 Add JPS as SUP
mdd 13_344 30-AUG-13 No B-Smart script required.
mdd_13_343.zip 30-AUG-13 Add EGM as SUP
mdd_13_342.zip 30-AUG-13 Add OBR as SUP
mdd_13_341.zip 30-AUG-13 Add CTO as SUP
mdd_13_340.zip 30-AUG-13 Add CLT as SUP
mdd 13_339 30-AUG-13 No B-Smart script required.
mdd 13_338 30-AUG-13 No B-Smart script required.
mdd_13_337.zip 30-AUG-13 Add BPL as SUP
mdd_13_336.zip 30-AUG-13 Add ATL as SUP
mdd 13_335 30-AUG-13 No B-Smart script required.
mdd_13_334.zip 30-AUG-13 Add 7 new ELS meters
mdd_13_333.zip 30-AUG-13 Add ELS Manufacturer
mdd_13_332.zip 30-AUG-13 Amend name of ESS as MAM
mdd_13_331.zip 30-AUG-13 Amend name of ESP as GT
mdd_13_330.zip 30-AUG-13 Amend name of ESI as MAP
30-AUG-13 Add EUG4V10 S1 meter
mdd_13_328.zip 30-AUG-13 Add 4 new ROM meters
mdd_13_327.zip 02-AUG-13  Add SMP as MAP
mdd_13_326.zip 02-AUG-13  Add ENY as SHIP
mdd_13_325.zip 02-AUG-13  Add XOM as SHIP
mdd_13_324.zip 02-AUG-13  Add SHK as SHIP
mdd_13_323.zip 02-AUG-13  Add RWE as SHIP
mdd_13_322.zip 02-AUG-13  Add PTR as SHIP
mdd_13_321.zip 02-AUG-13  Add PHL as SHIP
mdd_13_320.zip 02-AUG-13  Add JPN as SHIP
mdd_13_319.zip 02-AUG-13  Add HDW as SHIP
mdd_13_318.zip 02-AUG-13  Add ETM as SHIP
mdd_13_317.zip 02-AUG-13  Add EON as SHIP
mdd_13_316.zip 02-AUG-13  Add EIG as SHIP
mdd_13_315.zip 02-AUG-13  Add EDT as SHIP
mdd_13_314.zip 02-AUG-13  Add DBA as SHIP
mdd_13_313.zip 02-AUG-13  Add CON as SHIP
mdd_13_312.zip 02-AUG-13  Add BGS as SHIP
mdd_13_311.zip 02-AUG-13  Add SVL as SUP
 mdd_13_310 02-AUG-13 No B-Smart change needed
mdd_13_309.zip 02-AUG-13 Amend name for ONX as MAP
mdd_13_308.zip 02-AUG-13 Amend name for ONX as MAM
mdd_13_307.zip 02-AUG-13 Amend name for ONS as MAP
mdd_13_306.zip 02-AUG-13 Amend name for ONS as MAM
mdd_13_305.zip 02-AUG-13 Add CGS as MAP
mdd_13_304.zip 02-AUG-13 Add CGS as MAM
mdd_13_303.zip 05-JUL-13 Update TUU name
mdd_13_302.zip 05-JUL-13 Update TUK name
mdd_13_301.zip 05-JUL-13 Update SWL name
mdd_13_300.zip 05-JUL-13 Update SOP name as Supplier
mdd_13_299.zip 05-JUL-13 Update SOP name as Shipper
mdd_13_298.zip 05-JUL-13 Update SHH name
mdd_13_297 05-JUL-13 No B-Smart change needed
mdd_13_296.zip 05-JUL-13 Add NPM as MAP
mdd_13_295.zip 05-JUL-13 Add DLG as Supplier
mdd_13_294.zip 05-JUL-13 Add DAL as Shipper
mdd_13_293.zip 05-JUL-13 Update IEU name
mdd_13_292.zip 05-JUL-13 Add 9 Converters
mdd_13_291.zip 05-JUL-13 Add ZOG as Supplier
mdd_13_290.zip 05-JUL-13 Add JER as Supplier
mdd_13_289.zip 05-JUL-13 Add KEL as Supplier
mdd_13_288.zip 01-JUN-13 Add 10 meters with new Smart  Mechanism Types
mdd_13_287.zip 01-JUN-13 Add Sensus Cubix U6/G4
mdd_13_285.zip 01-JUN-13 Add SVD as Shipper
mdd_13_284.zip 01-JUN-13 Add OVO as Shipper
mdd_13_282.zip 01-JUN-13 Add HUD as Shipper
mdd_13_281.zip 01-JUN-13 Add EES as Shipper
mdd_13_278_and_279.zip 01-MAY-13 Amend Squire Energy Limited
SPAA12_225.zip 01-APR-13 Add new allowable Smart Meter Mechanism Types
mdd_13_277.zip 01-MAR-13 Add ELG Manufacturer
mdd_13_276.zip 01-MAR-13 Rename CIR to Flow Energy Ltd
01-MAR-13 Not required – covered by 12_237
mdd_13_272.zip 01-MAR-13 Add new Product for ELG Manufacturer
mdd_13_274.zip 01-FEB-13 Add ESA as Supplier
mdd_13_273.zip 01-FEB-13 Add ETR as Shipper
mdd_13_271.zip 01-FEB-13 Add MTN16000SJ Meter for INS
mdd_12_270.zip 04-JAN-13 Insert MMIEL100 Converter for UWL
mdd_12_269.zip 04-JAN-13 Delete MIiEL100 Converter for UWL
mdd_12_268.zip 04-JAN-13 Add MLA as MAP