B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2012.

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Document Name SPAA Release Date Change Description
mdd_12_267.zip 30-NOV-12 Add EXI as Manufacturer
mdd_12_263.zip 30-NOV-12 Add 18 Converters for UWL
mdd_12_266.zip 02-NOV-12 Add E6VG130 model for LPG
mdd_12_265.zip 02-NOV-12 Delete E6VG130 model for LPG
mdd_12_264.zip 02-NOV-12 Delete RBS as Shipper
mdd_12_262.zip 05-OCT-12 Add SAE as MAM
mdd_12_261.zip 05-OCT-12 Add ML271-XE Converter
mdd_12_260.zip 05-OCT-12 Add FMS as MAM
mdd_12_259.zip 05-OCT-12 Add 9M Model for Dresser
mdd_12_258.zip 05-OCT-12 Delete 4 Meter Models
mdd_12_257.zip 05-OCT-12 Add 4 Meter Models
mdd_12_256.zip 03-SEP-12 Add WGS as SHIP
mdd_12_255.zip 03-SEP-12 Add KSU as SHIP
mdd_12_254.zip 03-SEP-12 Add E6V310 Meter for LPG
mdd_12_253.zip 03-SEP-12 Add E6VG130 Meter for LPG
mdd_12_252.pdf 03-SEP-12 Remove KST as SHIP
mdd_12_251.pdf 03-SEP-12 Remove IGS as MAP
mdd_12_250.pdf 03-SEP-12 Remove NEC as MAM
mdd_12_248.zip 03-SEP-12 Remove MUL as SHIP
mdd_12_247.zip 03-SEP-12 Remove EDL as SUP
mdd_12_246.zip 03-SEP-12 Remove ELP as SHIP
mdd_12_245.zip 03-SEP-12 Remove COE as SHIP
mdd_12_244.zip 03-SEP-12 Remove RUG as SUP
mdd_12_242.zip 03-AUG-12 Add 8 new meter models
mdd_12_241.zip 03-AUG-12 Add LBG as MAP
mdd_12_240.zip 03-AUG-12 Add LBG as MAM
mdd_12_239.zip 03-AUG-12 Add UNIFLOG4SR meter
mdd_12_238_delete_UNIFLO G4SRT 03-AUG-12 No script required as 12_234 never released for B-Smart
mdd_12_237.zip 03-AUG-12 Add CIR as Supplier
mdd_11_231_remove_SHIP.zip 29-JUN-12 Remove NWP as SHIP
mdd_12_236.zip 29-JUN-12 Add NEW as SHIP
mdd_12_235.zip 29-JUN-12 Add UTF as MAP
n/A 29-JUN-12 12/234 – awaiting SPAA removal
mdd_12_233.zip 29-JUN-12 Add FLN as Manufacturer
mdd_12_231.zip 01-JUN-12 Add NWP as Supplier
mdd_12_230.zip 04-MAY-12 Add MetreX as MAP
mdd_12_229.zip 04-MAY-12 Add MetreX as MAM
mdd_12_228.zip 04-MAY-12 Add 2 new Dresser DR_MICRO _197 converters
mdd_12_227.zip 30-MAR-12 Add AXI, Axis Telecom Ltd, as SUP
mdd_12_226.zip 30-MAR-12 Add BK G4E meter for KRO
mdd_12_225.zip 30-MAR-12 Delete BK G4ES Meter for KRO
mdd_11_224.zip 03-FEB-12 Add NDS as Supplier
mdd_11_223.zip 03-FEB-12 Add SVE as Supplier