B-Smart SPAA Market Domain Data Patches for 2011.

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Document Name SPAA Release Date Change Description
mdd_11_220.zip 29-OCT-11 Add BK G4ES meter for KRO Manuf.
mdd_11_219.zip 29-OCT-11 Add 2 new meter models
mdd_11_218.zip 06-SEP-11 Insert Model M197610
mdd_11_217.zip 06-SEP-11 Delete Model M197610
mdd_11_216.zip 06-SEP-11 Amend Abbr Name from UKH to UHC
mdd_11_215.zip 06-SEP-11 Add 3 meter models
mdd_11_214.zip 06-SEP-11 Amend name for SGL as SUP
cp_11_196.zip 24-AUG-11 Add UWL as Manufacturer
mdd_11_213.zip 30-JUL-11 Delete 6 converter models
mdd_11_212.zip 30-JUL-11 Add 22 new converter models
mdd_11_211.zip 30-JUL-11 Add EML as MAP
mdd_11_210.zip 30-JUL-11 Add EML as MAM
mdd_11_209.zip 02-JUL-11 Add WML as MAP
mdd_11_208.zip 02-JUL-11 Add MFA as MAP
mdd_11_207.zip 02-JUL-11 Insert Converters for ACT and ITR
mdd_11_206.zip 02-JUL-11 Insert New Converters for INS
mdd_11_205.zip 07-JUN-11 End Date AFF as Supplier
mdd_11_204.zip 07-JUN-11 Add WML as MAM
mdd_11_203.zip 07-JUN-11 Add UKH as Supplier
mdd_11_202.zip 07-JUN-11 Add new Product for 2500/250 model
mdd_11_201.zip 05-MAY-11

Add to ONS SG4 meters

mdd_11_200.zip 06-APR-11 Add OPL as Shipper
mdd_11_198.zip 06-APR-11 Add COP as Supplier
mdd_11_197.zip 05-MAR-11 Add Model E6VG370
mdd_10_192.zip 05-MAR-11 Add GTX Manufacturer