Adding to the millions of first generation smart meters already successfully deployed, the UK is now gearing up for its roll-out of the new generation of ‘SMETS2’ meters.

This ambitious nationwide roll-out will form a key part of the ongoing evolution from passive electricity grids to smart grids. Employing this new digital technology will help small business and members of the public to better understand and manage their electricity usage, and in turn ensure suppliers can better predict demand and offer more flexible tariffs.

While some energy suppliers have recently started deploying SMETS2 meters, others are currently working with the DCC to finalise testing ahead of a larger scale roll-out in the months ahead.

Generis Technology, which already provides tailored metering management tools to four of the UK’s Big Six energy suppliers, has on behalf of its parent company Landis+Gyr, launched its B-Smart SMKI (Smart Metering Key Infrastructure) Service to complement the SMETS2 installation process, thus enabling a more efficient route from Factory to Wall and ensuring less consumer interruption at this crucial time.

To comply with SMETS2 and ensure device enrolment with the DCC, manufacturers and energy suppliers must meet mandatory Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) requirements in support of the Certificate Signing Process (CSR). The B-Smart SMKI Service underpins the vital CSR end-to-end process by auditing, distributing and monitoring CSR traffic between Landis+Gyr’s metering customers and its manufacturing facilities.

As part of its SMKI Service offering on behalf of Landis+Gyr, Generis now also provides a post go-live support service for SMETS2 metering clients, delivering a single point of contact to capture reporting of any specific SMKI process related issues/queries between Landis+Gyr and its clients.