Customers are becoming more technically savvy in managing their home environments and energy usage. As this evolves, so does their desire for re-assurance that the devices that measure the usage are as accurate as they should be. We are all too aware of media coverage of utility companies who have been caught out by inaccurate meter hardware and the financial repercussions of such discoveries.


The question is, with the introduction of the DCC in the UK, along with the worldwide advancements in smart metering hardware, will we see increased pressure on utilities to ensure their meter portfolios are calibrated correctly? More than likely. 

Discussions with various markets around the world have highlighted areas where Energy Suppliers could, in the future, be required to calibrate a percentage of their ‘meter lot’ within a given time scale.

This would obviously increase operational costs to the utility, to satisfy any legislatory requirement and the further add to the challenge of tracking, managing and reporting on the assets.

B-Smart Asset Management solutions are well equipped for any future changes, to ensure singular, or multi-utility companies have the tools on place to manage such processes in an accurate, cost effective manner.

If the legislators come knocking at your door, be sure to have the correct tools in place.

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