B-Smart Industry Process Management

B-Smart™ is a comprehensive suite of high performance, business rules driven applications developed to serve the needs of the energy industry.

All B-Smart™ applications are built upon the same highly configurable B-Smart™ core architecture that leverages Oracle enterprise class components. B-Smart™ applications enable the energy industry participants to manage their business critical functions effectively whilst benefiting from significant operational cost savings associated with a fully integrated solution.

This architecture has been designed from the ground up to ensure that all B-Smart™ applications can inherit the following essential core characteristics:



B-Smart™ processes are defined by a series of rules. These rules are sourced from an extensive catalogue covering process control, data manipulation, data validation, audit, reporting and exception handling.

The rules based configuration empowers business analysts with the ability to define B-Smart™ processes themselves. This dispenses with the need for low level software programming in order to deliver the required system. Thus the cost of ownership, operation and maintenance is reduced.



B-Smart™ has been designed for those business segments that demand the highest throughput and transaction processing rates, such as prominent participants in the energy market place.



Using mature, tried and tested Oracle technology means that B-Smart™ leverages a stable, proven and scalable enterprise technology platform for the most mission critical processes, thereby ensuring maximum system availability.



Unprocessed data can lead to loss of earnings, loss of customers and strained relationships with partners. B-Smart™ includes full audit tracking and reporting so that unprocessed transactions can be identified and reprocessed quickly.

All B-Smart™ product implementations are supported by a dedicated application support service providing industry compliance into the future.

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